Mission Accomplished 2017

In 2017, Mission Music board members all agreed that we needed to focus all of our energy and resources on getting more instruments into the hands of children that need them.  Dedicated to sticking to our mission, we reached more children in 2017 than our previous year, built some amazing partnerships with school systems and charitable foundations, and continued to expand our reach.  With a goal of eliminating financial barriers to music education, Mission Music truly made a difference thanks to the support of music lovers like yourself!

How You Helped!

Your instrument donations and financial contributions helped us bring over 25 free instruments to children that would not have been able to participate in the music programs if not for our help.  Our most popular instruments this year included flutes, clarinets, and saxophones while we served kids throughout all of New Jersey and Pennsylvania.  Did you know that Mission Music will serve those in need nationwide?  If it ships, IMG_0760we can assist!

Because of your support, Mission Music was able to provide over 10 instruments to a school in Lawnside, NJ.  This school was renting instruments for their students but due to budget cuts, they were no longer able to provide this service.  Tapping into the instrument donations provided by our supporters, we were able to provide them refurbished flutes, clarinets, snare drums, and more!  If not for the support of folks like you, these students may have missed out on the benefits of music education.  Instead, we are looking forward to attending a concert they have coming up in 2018!

You all showed up in force to support our cause!  2017 brought some awesome fundraising efforts.  2 amazing teens out of North Jersey held a fundraiser and donated over 20 instruments!  Red, Hot, and Blue in Cherry Hill, NJ hosted their Blues Fest to benefit our cause and brought out the kids from School of Rock aIMG_0761long with some amazing blues bands from all over the east coast.  Their weekend raised over $1400 for our cause along with multiple instrument donations!  That Metal Station, an internet radio company, in conjunction with Brothers Grimm hosted a weekend long fundraiser where listeners donated $1 to request a song.  Brothers Grimm even hosted Michael Sweet from Stryper who talked to us about the importance of music.  Together they raised over $400 over that weekend and had a blast doing it!

New Partnerships

Mission Music is very excited about the relationships built in 2017.  The fine folks at Hot IMG_0769Topic Foundation have shared their passion of music with our organization through multiple donations and introductions.  Truly an amazing foundation.  Little Kids Rock, a nonprofit focused on restoring, expanding, and innovating music education in our schools, has opened up some of their resources to Mission Music which includes the Jam Zone instructional videos for kids that can now be found on our website.  Relapse Records, an east coast based record label, has stepped up to join the mission through as well with instrument donations and helping us spread the word.  There were many other individuals and companies that stepped up to support Mission Music in some way this year!  From the venues and bands that hosted events to the individual donors that threw some spare change in our jar, we are extremely grateful for your contributions and dedication to making music education accessible to everyone.

Looking Ahead

We are very excited about 2018 and all the great things in store for our organization and the kids we serve.  Mission Music will be working to spread the word to more school districts which will be key in allowing us to reach those most in need of our services.  Our board is already hard at work planning a Mission Music hosted fundraiser for next summer which will surely be a blast!  Finally, we will be continuing to build new partnerships and hope to deepen our relationships with existing supporters that share our dedication to helping children in need.

Join The Mission

Those that contribute to Mission Music support the arts while giving a gift that lasts a lifetime for underprivileged children.  Whether donating used instruments or making financial contributions, every ounce of support goes to improve a child’s life.  The cost to repair an instrument starts around $50 and buying new can be $500 or more.  The average cost of music lessons can be over $100 a month.  To provide 50 instruments a year, Mission Music needs between $5000 – $7500.  When supporters join the mission, they see the impacts in parent testimonials.  Through the “Mission Accomplished” campaign, donors are able to see pictures of kids receiving their instruments and in some cases, we get to share videos of performances!

Please take this opportunity to make a real difference in a child’s life by helping to eliminate the financial barriers to music education so that every child, no matter their socioeconomic status, has an opportunity to experience its benefits.  Your contribution can be the deciding factor if an at-risk underprivileged child is able to enjoy the advantages of learning an instrument. So we invite you to donate today to build a better musical future by joining the mission!

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