Mission Accomplished 2018

Mission Music continued into our 3rd year of operation stronger than the year before and dedicated to eliminating financial barriers to music education. Continually working to make the most out of our small budget, we managed to give out just as many instruments as we did in 2017 with almost 35% less funding. In fact, we are now poised to give out our 100th in44835428_1225382150951477_5717570780670197760_nstrument going into our 4th year! We also made some exciting moves to ensure that Mission Music will be around for years to come.

Mission Music’s main purpose has been to provide free musical instruments to under-served children. However, our work has connected us with many adults struggling financially that can also benefit from the therapeutic values of music. While serving our youth is still our primary function, Mission Music’s Board voted to expand our services to allow us to provide free instruments to Veterans, those in addiction recovery, and more. This keeps in line with our focus on eliminating financial barriers to music education so that everyone has an opportunity to benefit.

2018 brought several exciting new partnerships. We’ve instituDropted “Instrument Drop Sites” which allows donors to make instrument donations to Mission Music at locations convenient to them. Donors can drop instruments at these awesome sponsor sites and rest assured we’ll pick them up and put them to great use. While you’re there, we hope you’ll shop their stores in appreciation of their support. All Things Fun in Berlin, NJ was first to be on board followed by JJ’s Kitchen in Pine Hill, NJ and we are extremely grateful for their support. We look to expand our reach throughout the east coast so if you know a business interested in becoming a Drop Site, contact us today!

It Takes A Village!


Mission Music Board of Directors:  Chris Natalini, Jasmine Bigler, Zach Greer, Bert Bigler, Kathy Teall, Amanda Halliwell, Rich Olsen, Doreen Greer, Angie Clark

Along with your support, Mission Music depends on our board members to keep things moving.  We saw some exciting changes in our volunteer staff this year! Our Board of Directors has expanded to 9 volunteers dedicated to ensuring Mission Music is here to serve for many years to come. You can see our amazing board members helping out at various fundraising events and spreading the word of our services.   We are very grateful to these fine folks that lend their music and business expertise to our cause!

Mission Music appointed Bert Bigler as our new Vice President in 2018. Bert joined the Board in 2017 and has been an integral part in helping us locate instruments while lending his time and efforts to our fundraising goals. As a lifelong musician, Bert knows the value of music education and has an exciting passion for sharing it. We are truly thrilled that he has accepted this volunteer role and look forward to sharing in the successes he will surely bring to our cause.


In August, Mission Music partnered with The 400 Club in Clementon, NJ for our first open mic benefit! The 400 Club is a nonprofit that provides a safe anopen micd friendly atmosphere for those seeking recovery from addiction. We raised over $500 for both causes and brought in some great instrument donations as over a dozen local acts took to the stage! This benefit allowed us to immediately provide 3 children with instruments while spreading the word about addiction recovery.  Our hope is that our open mic benefits can provide a great place for our youth to play on stage while bringing others together for a great cause.  We are excited to continue these events in 2019 and be on the lookout for another soon!

Onward and Upward!

Mission Music is gong into our 4th year in existence stronger than ever and we have some plans to keep it going.  We will be looking to expand our Instrument Drop Sites throughout New Jersey to make it easier for you to donate.  Mission Music will also be looking to host more open mic benefits and setting up at local music events.  We will be looking to our supporters for opportunities to help us spread the word so reach out today if interested!  Lastly but most importantly,  thanks to the generosity of our supporters, Board of Directors, and everyone who has shared in our mission, we should surpass our 100th instrument this year.

Join The Mission

Those that contribute to Mission Music support the arts while giving a gift that lasts a lifetime for underprivileged children. Whether donating used instruments or making financial contributions, every ounce of support goes to improve a child’s life. The cost to repair an instrument starts around $50 and buying new can be $500 or more. The average cost of music lessons can be over $100 a month. To provide 50 instruments a year, Mission Music needs between $5000 – $7500. When supporters join the mission, they see the impacts in parent testimonials. Through the “Mission Accomplished” campaign, donors are able to see pictures of kids receiving their instruments and in some cases, we get to share videos of performances!

Please take this opportunity to make a real difference in a child’s life by helping to eliminate the financial barriers to music education so that every child, no matter their socioeconomic status, has an opportunity to experience its benefits. Your contribution can be the deciding factor if an at-risk underprivileged child is able to enjoy the advantages of learning an instrument. So we invite you to donate today to build a better musical future by joining the mission!

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